A Rich History of Drag Racing

HPR is an historic track located in Victoria, Australia. It was built in 1975 and has a rich history of drag racing spanning the last 45 years.  It was recently purchased by Lance Warren, a drag racer from Melbourne who has big plans to restore the track to its former glory.

Follow us while the HPR team work tirelessly to make your local track one of the best facilities in Australia.

Summernats Slam 2022

In May 2022, we hosted our first Top Fuel event!.

With perfect weather, 100s of racers and over 15,000 spectators, it was a great event enjoyed by all.

This was just one of many events held in 2022 with many more planned for this year.

Action Packed Race Calendar

Our HPR Team has worked hard to bring you all the big events for 2021.

We are busy making HPR great again for you, the racer!

Keep an eye on our events calendar so you dont miss an event.