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No Prep Outlaws - Driver Entry

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No Prep Outlaws - Driver Entry

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Driver - $500 ($300 to the pot, $200 to the track)
Driver Buyback - $100 ($50 to the pot, $50 to the track)
Spectators - $25

No Prep
1/8 Mile Racing
Heads Up Pro Tree
3 Driver Buy Backs
HUGE Cash Pot
Winner Takes All

- Unlimited entries.
- No rules for car types or modifications.
- Registered or non registered cars.

Gates and scrutineering open at 8:30am
Track and Testing opens at 11am
Eliminations commence at 1pm

  1. All rounds will be heads up 1/8th mile
  2. Green Light Start
  3. Red Light Active

    -  If a Racer jumps, they lose
    -  Red light means the race is over and the win is automatically given to the other     driver.

Water burnout only.
  5. Crossing the center line between start/finish line will result in disqualification.
  6. This is a NO PREP event. HPR will have sole discretion as to all maintenance done to the surface of the track
  7. Once at the entry to the burnout box, Racers will be given 2 minutes to start and proceed forward when instructed by HPR official to do so.
  8. Once any Racer enters the burnout box, the second Racer must also enter within 2 minutes

  9. After the first Racer starts burnout, the second Racer has 1 minute to start their burnout, and after the second Racer burnout, Racers have 1 minutes to stage.

  10. If a problem arises with a Racer’s vehicle after they cross the ready line, the Racer will be given 1 minute to address the issue and continue.

  11. HPR track officials and/or the race starter have authority to monitor vehicle and safety equipment. Failure to utilize all safety equipment, water, oil or fuel on the track from competitor and/or creating an unsafe condition may result in disqualification.
  12. 3 Driver Buybacks are allowed after every round except the Grand Final.
  13. Everyone has one test hit at the start of the day and then it is straight into eliminations.
  14. Chip draw at commencement which will dictate lane choice and driver line up. There will be no chip draw after first round. You must line up straight away, failure to line up may result in disqualification.
  15. Competing vehicles are not allowed in the pits after eliminations have commenced.
  16. Drivers must line up after exiting return road.
  17. Failure to comply to rules mat result in disqualification