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All Media wanting to attend Heathcote Park events are required to obtain a Media Pass, applications can be made by filling out the form below. NO media passes will be issued on race days.

All Media unless provided with an exemption will be required to pay the standard Spectator Fee upon entry to the facility.

Media will also be required to sign in and receive a media wrist band from the timing office before they make their way to the track.

All media must also wear a reflective Media Vest, one can be provided if you don't have one with you.

Remember, being approved for media is a privilege not a right and as such you will be allowed to access areas of the track that most will not.  You must have safety at the forefront of your mind while performing your duties of media. 

Media access for major events must be applied for through the event promoter. Please contact them for further information.

 Heathcote Park Raceway Media Application Form

We also have a Social Media Policy Form which also needs to be read, understood, completed and returned to us.

 Social Media Policy Form

All completed forms need to be emailed to the following email address:

E-mail: media@heathcoteparkraceway.com.au