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Scrutineering Rules

Heathcote Park Raceway is a member track of the IHRA Australia sanctioning body and as such must adhere to specific IHRA technical regulations.

These rules and regulations have been put in place to make Heathcote Park raceway as safe and pleasant as possible for all competitors and officials.

At all times whilst on the premises please abide by the rules and regulations.

Keep safe and enjoy your racing.

All vehicles and motorcycles must meet the Heathcote Park Raceway and IHRA Australia scrutineering standards.

In the event of any disagreement on whether your vehicle meets the standards the final decision will rest with the Chief Scrutineer who will decide if your vehicle is safe to race. Remember at all times we are only looking after your safety.

General Rules and Regulations:

All vehicles require the following items:

  • Radiator overflow bottles
  • 2 x Accelerator return springs
  • Batteries must be securely clamped
  • Appropriate braking systems
  • Appropriate steering systems
  • Plugged holes in firewall
  • No loose items inside the driver, passenger compartments or boot.
  • Plugged rear parcel shelves & rear firewalls for any vehicles using N2O
  • All vehicles using Nitrous Oxide must display on the outside of the vehicle in the area where the bottle is located the approved sticker.
  • In addition the approved sticker is to be placed on the outside of the windscreen in the top left hand corner
  • The approved sticker is yellow with N2O printed in black.
  • All competitors must follow all speed signs and officials directions at all times.
  • Speed/burnouts are to be kept to their appropriate areas at all times. If you fail to obey the rules you will be asked to leave the premises.
  • Any use of a mobile phone whilst on the Race Track will result in eviction from the event.
  • No persons under the age of 16 are allowed in pit lane/start line. Failure of enforcement of this rule can result in disqualification.
  • No shorts, pants, thongs, open toed shoes in pitlane, only long pants and closed in shoes

In competition, a current driver’s Licence is required.

Heathcote Park Raceway allows racers to have 1 passenger during test & tune days, all passengers must wear the approved clothing and safety helmet, all runs with passengers onboard will be solo runs only.  Vehicles carrying passengers must not exceed 10.5s ET.

Drivers Seat:
It is mandatory that all seats are firmly attached to the vehicle.

Seat Belts / Harnesses:
For all Seat Belt and Harness regulations, follow this link to the IHRA regulations.

Safety Helmets:
All racers must wear Safety Helmets when entering, racing and leaving the race track.

All helmets must adhere to the following standards listed on the IHRA Australia website at this link.  Please wait until you have stopped your vehicle before removing your helmet.

For those of you who do not possess a Safety Helmet, you may hire a helmet through Heathcote Park Timing Office.

Roll Cage:

Vehicles that do not require a roll cage:
a)   Road registered open cars with an ET slower than 12.99 seconds, 1/4 mile
b)   Open competition cars with an ET slower than 10.50 seconds, 1/4 mile
c)   Unmodified cars with an ET slower than 10.50 seconds, 1/4 mile
d)   Modern Street cars with an ET slower than 10.00 seconds, 1/4 mile

All other vehicles will require a Roll Cage, please refer to the IHRA Australia Roll Cage regulations at the following PDF link.

To check if your vehicle needs a parachute, please follow this link to the IHRA Australia website.

Tail Shaft Loop:
All vehicles that require a technical inspection or use slicks must have a tail shaft loop.

The tail shaft loop is to be made of metal, a minimum 3.2 mm (1/8”) thickness and 51 mm (2”) wide securely mounted and located within 15.2cm (6”) of the front universal joint.

Wheels and Studs:
Hub caps and clip on wheel trims must be removed before competing. Scrutineer’s will check for loose wheel nuts and cracked or damaged wheels.

All vehicles are required to be fitted with the minimum of wheel studs as original manufactures specifications.

All vehicles are required to have wheel nuts on all wheel studs. Each wheel stud must protrude past the outer face of the wheel by a distance no less than the diameter of the stud used.

Vehicles running quicker than 9.99 sec are required to be fitted open ended wheel nuts. Factory alloy wheels may use original nuts/studs.

Tyres of the same construction are required front and rear, vehicles using rear slick tyres are required to be fitted with front conventional non radial tyres.

Protective Clothing:
All drivers and riders are required to wear full covering. I.e. long sleeves, long pants, socks and closed toe shoes.

All Motorcycle riders must wear protective leathers, an approved Australian Safety Standards helmet, riding boots and gloves.

Race suits are required for drivers of vehicles that have manufactured firewalls, front floors and non factory design windscreens.

For a detailed list of Protective Clothing requirements, please follow this link to the IHRA Australia website.

For the complete list of all technical requirements, please follow this link to the IHRA Australia website.